LTD’s bus operator training program can put you behind the wheel

Considering a job with Lane Transit District? You may already know that LTD offers great wages and benefits, but perhaps you’re intimidated at the idea of driving a bus. Don’t be. LTD has a fantastic nine-week training program with top-notch instructors dedicated to teaching you what you need to know to succeed. In this video, instructors share how they help new drivers gain confidence and describe the great work atmosphere and benefits employees enjoy. If all of that sounds great, it’s time to board the bus for your new career.

LTD’s Eugene Station undergoing major renovation to better serve the community

A major renovation is underway at Lane Transit District’s Eugene Station aimed at improving the overall experience for passengers. One key focus of the upgrades is to make the station more efficient, says Todd, an LTD Project Manager who is leading the renovation project. The renovation is also about accessibility and sustainability. The project includes better signage and lighting along with security and safety improvements.

Preserving the past, honoring Eugene’s Black history

February is Black History Month, which celebrates and honors Black Americans, past and present. In Eugene, one of the pivotal people who contributed to our community was Wiley Griffon, who introduced an industry that would later become what we now know as Lane Transit District, or LTD. LTD’s current-day operations can be traced back to Griffon, who operated the first mule-driven streetcar in the 1890s. More than a century after his passing, his spirit lives on—embodied in LTD’s current-day mission of connecting the community. Today, residents and visitors to Eugene can read about Wiley Griffon and his contributions on a commemorative plaque on East 4th Avenue, near the spot where his home once stood and at his gravesite in the Eugene Masonic Cemetery.

How to drive safely and respect bus lanes

LTD’s team of bus operators are skillfully trained to follow the rules of the road on each of the 31 daily bus routes in the Eugene-Springfield area, but they need cooperation from other drivers to ensure everyone gets where they need to go safely. Darryl, a Training Supervisor for LTD, says it can be challenging when drivers do not give buses the space they need to operate safely, including allowing the bus back into traffic after a stop. Another common hazard is that motorists need to be careful when merging into “business access and transit lanes”—or “BAT” lanes—the dedicated bus lanes that also serve as turn lanes for other vehicles.

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