Vanpooling is a great way to save money while reducing wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Meanwhile, you’re helping to minimize traffic congestion and air pollution.

What is a Vanpool?

A Vanpool is a group of 5-10 individuals who regularly travel to work 35 or more miles each way. The driver and passengers pay a monthly fare to lease the van. Fares are based on the average monthly miles driven, the cost of the vanpool lease, and fuel expenses.

Vanpool incentives

To encourage more Vanpools in our region, LTD’s Employer Program provides a subsidy of up to $675 per month to each van to offset the lease price.

In addition, military personnel and federal employees are eligible for the federal TRANServe benefit that provides up to $280 per month, per person for qualifying transportation options like Vanpools. Learn more about the program at

Get started with Vanpool!

Join a current Vanpool or form a new Vanpool by following a few simple steps in our Vanpool guide. Have questions? Send us an email: