LTD Free Bus Passes

Honored Riders

Whether you need to get to a medical appointment or yoga class, LTD’s Honored Riders program is a great way to get where you need to go for free! It’s easy to qualify and apply – you just need to be age 65+ and submit an application. Riding the bus is a simple, safe, and smart way to get around town any day of the week.

College Students

College costs enough as it is, so why not ride the bus for free? Not only can you sit back and relax, study, or listen to a podcast, you don’t have to worry about parking when you get where you’re going. Eligible students who attend the University of Oregon, Lane Community College and Pacific University all qualify for an LTD bus pass, which you can use to get to class, go shopping, explore and more.


Whether you’re a family looking to get around town or a young athlete wanting to get to and from practice, free bus passes are an economical option for K-12 students. Hop on the bus to go to the library, the pool, the rec center or even to school. All Lane County public, private, charter and home school students qualify.

Five Under

Did you know that kids ages 5 and under ride the bus for free? Yes, indeed! Whether you’re in need of regular transportation or just want to ride the bus as a family for a fun weekend outing, young kids accompanied by an adult ride for free – no pass required! Go to the movies, visit a park, or head to the museum!