I Ride To Work


Felix loves to cook and take what he prepares to work. Riding the bus is easy, convenient and gets him there on time, he says. Whether you’re heading to your job at the mall, traveling to campus or making your way to the office, LTD can get you there. Taking the bus often costs less than owning, maintaining and gassing up a personal vehicle. And it’s a great way to catch up on work during your commute or simply unwind at the end of the day.

Sit back, relax and take the bus to work

Riding LTD is a convenient and easy way to start your workday. It may even be available to you through your employer at little or no charge. There are many great reasons to ride with us for your daily commute!

Save money

For many, choosing to take the bus to work may mean saving on car expenses. Instead of being a two-car household, maybe you become a household of one car. One less car could mean one less car payment, less money spent on gas, parking, insurance and maintenance. The average cost of driving 10,000 miles per year is almost $8,000.00, according to AAA’s estimates on driving costs. By comparison, an LTD bus pass costs $540 for an entire year of unlimited rides.

Enjoy the ride

Instead of spending your time fretting about a parking space, traffic jams or inconsiderate drivers, you could be preparing for your workday, catching up on emails, listening to a podcast or music, or reading the news of the day – all without the stresses of a day-to-day driving commute.

It’s better for the planet

The more people who choose to ride LTD, the fewer greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution we all put into the environment. More than half our fleet has been converted to zero-emission battery-electric buses and diesel electric-hybrid buses. We’re on track to have 0% reliance on fossil fuels by 2035. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.

Statistically, it’s safer

You’re far less likely to be involved in an accident or suffer injuries on a bus than you would in a private vehicle. In fact, each mile traveled via transit is 10 times safer than by car, according to a study for public transit industry organization, APTA.

Who rides the bus?

You won’t be alone if you choose to ride the bus to work. Of the 37,000 LTD daily boardings, about 1 in 4  riders are commuting to work.

What does it cost to ride LTD?

LTD offers convenient monthly passes, or you can pay by the day. The easiest way to pay is with a tap card, or with the Umo Mobility app for iPhones and Android devices.

With LTD’s Group Pass program for local employers, you may be able to pay little to nothing to ride with us. Ask your employer if they’re a part of LTD’s Group Pass program that offers employers monthly discounts if they choose to purchase passes for their employees.

Some riders are eligible for discounted and free fares. To see if you’re eligible, view our Fare & Pass Pricing webpage.

What if an emergency comes up?

LTD’s Emergency Ride Program is there for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck at the office if an emergency arises. Think of it like commuter insurance. It offers up to four free taxi rides home for qualified emergences, including if your employer signs off on you working late. All employers need to do is sign up for the free program.

Planning your commute

  • With 28 routes covering the local area, we aim to make it easy for you to get wherever you need to go. Our bus rapid transit system, the Emerald Express (EmX) , connects west Eugene, the University of Oregon campus, downtown Springfield and the Gateway area in Springfield.
  • It’s easy to plan your trip in advance using the Umo Mobility app.
  • Plan on arriving at least 5 minutes before your pickup time. Buses depart promptly.
  • Park & Ride lots are located around Eugene & Springfield if you’d like to drive part way to work and then let us handle the rest.
  • Feel free to bring your bicycle. A limited number of racks are available inside EmX buses or on the front of fixed-route buses. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to take your bike on the bus and check out these tips for bike parking and lockers.
  • Two wheelchair bays are located at the front of each EmX vehicle. In addition, priority seating at the front of buses is given to seniors and people with disabilities. Ramps are available to board all buses by notifying the operator.
  • RideSource door-to-door service is also available for passengers with disabilities.

Still have questions?

Our website is a great resource, or feel free to call or email. You can also contact the Customer Service Center at Eugene Station. Hope to see you soon!