Wondering how to ride the bus? LTD makes it easy

Whether you’ve never been on a bus before or you’re a regular rider, LTD makes riding the bus convenient and easy. Follow a few tips and you’ll have a smooth journey. Arrive at your bus stop early. Be prepared with your fare—using the Umo Mobility app makes it easy to pay via smartphone. Find a seat, enjoy the ride and pull the cord when you’re approaching your stop. Take appropriate cautions while exiting the bus, and we’ll see you next time!

Thinking about biking to work? The bus can help!

Do you like the idea of biking to work, but think maybe it’s a little too far to ride to the office? Riding the bus is a great way to help bike commuters easily extend their range, and it’s easy to bring your bike on board. There are some simple steps to follow to take your bike on the bus. On regular routes, buses have bike racks on the front of the bus. On EmX buses, you take your bike inside the bus.

LTD’s bus operator training program can put you behind the wheel

Considering a job with Lane Transit District? You may already know that LTD offers great wages and benefits, but perhaps you’re intimidated at the idea of driving a bus. Don’t be. LTD has a fantastic nine-week training program with top-notch instructors dedicated to teaching you what you need to know to succeed. In this video, instructors share how they help new drivers gain confidence and describe the great work atmosphere and benefits employees enjoy. If all of that sounds great, it’s time to board the bus for your new career.

LTD’s Eugene Station undergoing major renovation to better serve the community

A major renovation is underway at Lane Transit District’s Eugene Station aimed at improving the overall experience for passengers. One key focus of the upgrades is to make the station more efficient, says Todd, an LTD Project Manager who is leading the renovation project. The renovation is also about accessibility and sustainability. The project includes better signage and lighting along with security and safety improvements.

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