I Ride To Get To Class


An Oakridge resident and first-generation college student, Kyla rides LTD to get to and from her classes at Lane Community College (LCC). She catches the Diamond Express connection bus, which is an intercity transportation service that operates between Oakridge and the Eugene-Springfield area.

K-12, UO and LCC students ride the bus for free

As a college student, you’re already planning your next journey in life. But there will likely be a few stops to make along the way. Whether you’re heading to campus, needing to do some shopping, or planning a weekend outing with friends, Lane Transit District can get you there. K-12 students in public, private, charter and home school programs are eligible for the free Student Transit Pass.

Download the UMO app

College costs enough, as it is. Why add parking permits, car payments, gasoline, insurance and car repairs to your expense list?

  • Students at both the University of Oregon and Lane Community College will receive “benefit codes” to redeem in the Umo Mobility app, which is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Check the UO website or LCC website for more information or inquire in person at the school.
  • For other college students, the Umo app offers a convenient way to pay your fare in advance. Fare is $1.75 per ride or $3.50 for an unlimited day pass. Discounted monthly passes are available. For details, check the LTD fares
  • K-12 students who attend public, private, charter or home schools ride free. Visit your students’ school to get a tap card or receive information about using the Umo Mobility app to redeem a Student Transit Pass.
  • Customer Service Center staff are available to answer questions at the Eugene Station, on Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Free up time to study

In addition to saving money, you’ll have time to study or relax on your commute to school or work. It’s easy to catch the bus, and it can take you just about anywhere.

  • Many routes start as early as 6 a.m. and run until about 11 p.m.
  • We go everywhere. LTD has has 28 routes and 9 stations serving the Eugene-Springfield area. Our bus rapid transit system, the Emerald Express (EmX) , connects west Eugene, the University of Oregon campus, downtown Springfield and the Gateway shopping area in Springfield. Buses on the EmX route typically arrive every 10-30 minutes throughout the day.
  • Plan your trip using the Umo Mobility app , or use the Plan Your Trip tool at LTD.org.
  • We also offer RideSource , delivering door-to-door rides for those who are unable to use the bus due to a disability.
  • LTD offers many Park & Ride locations if you choose to drive part way, then leave the rest to us.

Bring your bike along

All fixed-route buses are equipped to store your bike on an external rack at the front of the bus; EmX bike racks are located inside the bus and can store up to three bikes.

Go green with LTD

When it comes to tackling climate change, LTD wants to be part of the solution, and we know you do, too. Choosing public transportation is more efficient and better for the environment than using a personal vehicle.

  • We’ve invested in zero-emission battery-electric buses and diesel electric-hybrid buses that make up more than half of our fleet, and we continue to look for ways to improve. Our goal is to have 0% reliance on fossil fuels by 2035.
  • Fun fact: Without the use of public transit, greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles would be 25% higher in Eugene-Springfield than they are today!

Grab a friend and go

Whether you’re heading out to eat, catching a movie or hitting the hiking trail, we can help you get there.

  • LTD buses are a great way to explore Eugene-Springfield and other parts of Lane County. There’s a lot to see when you ride LTD! We’ve done the trip planning for you, so you can focus on local outings and adventures.
  • LTD combines resources with other transportation providers to help take you across the state with this list of transportation options making connections in Eugene.